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Employee Training

Companies and organizations face training challenges that include: a diverse workforce, "Brain Drain" or "Loss of Legacy Knowledge" of older workers retiring earlier, decentralized organizational structure, periodic reorganizations, and rise in global competition.

Venecia Group Inc. focuses on improvements in the performance of your company's workforce to achieve total customer satisfaction and build ongoing employee loyalty. Employee development increase productivity, create multi-cultural teams, reduce absenteeism, and improve the bottom line.

We partner with your company to leverage the collective power and potential of your Global Workforce through complete inclusion and participation.


  • English Second Language
  • Workplace Spanish
  • How to motivate & work with the Hispanic workforce
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Business Writing
  • Computer Basics

These training and workshops can be delivered in Spanish. We focus on acculturation and understanding of the American Business Cultural and Best Practices. Training is delivered in the employees native language providing the best results. When employees are comfortable, they learn, retain, and participate on a greater scale.